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Tips To Help You Choose A Paint Color For Your Home

Choosing paint colors is one of the most difficult things when renovating a home. It sounds like it should be an easy task, but choose the wrong color, and you're stuck with it unless you want to paint and repaint over and over again. To help you choose a paint color that you'll love for years to come, read on for some tips to help you.

Consider The Room Size

The size of the room should be considered when choosing a paint color. The color you choose could make the room feel larger or smaller depending on the size of the room. Smaller rooms can feel much smaller if you paint it a darker color. If you paint the room a lighter color, it can make it feel larger and more open. The size of the space should dictate how light or dark you paint the room.

Consider The Mood

The mood of the room should also dictate what color you choose. If you choose a cheery and bright color, the room is going to make you feel cheery and bright, which works well in a playroom, or a kitchen. A darker, muted shade is great for a room that you want to relax in such as a bedroom or even a bathroom. Consider the mood of the room when you choose the paint color.

Consider The Style

The style of the room should also help you choose. The way you are decorating should help you choose a color. If you are looking to match something in the room, you can usually take that piece into the paint store to have the color matched. If you aren't looking to match anything up, you can choose a more neutral color, which would match with any decor you choose to style in the room. Keeping your paint neutral can also help you change up your decor more often without needing to paint the room again. If you're someone that changes with the changing trends, consider going with something more neutral.

Consider Trying Out Paint Colors

Rather than purchasing paint by the gallon, consider trying different colors with paint samples to help you choose the right color the first time. You'll spend a little more, but you'll end up with exactly what you want instead of having to settle for what you purchased. 

Adding a new coat of paint on your walls should be fun and exciting. Make it less stressful by using the tips above to help you choose. Ask a local paint store about paint samples to help you narrow down your choices.