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Benefits Of Vinyl-Covered Foam Blocks

If you're looking for a product that is conducive to play-based learning for your children, foam blocks will likely be on your radar. Colorful and available in many shapes and sizes, these blocks offer a combination of learning and fun. You can find sets of foam blocks with different numbers of blocks, so you can assess the amount of space you have in your home and shop accordingly. When you look at sets of foam blocks for sale, you'll see some that have a thin vinyl coating over the foam. Here are three benefits of vinyl-covered foam blocks.

Easier To Clean

A major advantage of foam blocks that have a vinyl coating is that they're much easier to clean. Many parents are conscientious about keeping their children's items clean, especially when their kids are sharing these items with friends. With a wet cloth, you can easily wipe down the surface of a vinyl-coated foam block and dry it quickly between uses. Germs won't be able to soak into the non-porous vinyl, which means that you can feel confident about your children and their friends staying safe when they use these educational toys.

Less Risk Of Damage

Even though many types of foam are durable, they can sometimes sustain damage over time. For example, a bored child might pick at the corner of a plain foam block and be able to create a divot with their fingernails. Over time, this divot can expand — not only leaving a mess of foam chunks on the floor but also affecting the look of the block. When you buy foam blocks that are coated in vinyl, you won't have this issue. The sturdy nature of vinyl makes it difficult for a child's fingernails to penetrate, which means that a set of these blocks should have a like-new appearance even years after you buy them.

Slippery Surface

Vinyl-coated foam blocks have a surface that is more slippery than plain foam blocks, which can be fun for children. With these blocks available in many shapes and sizes, you can expect that your kids will be excited to build elaborate structures. With a bit of creativity, it's easy to build a sloped structure that can serve as a makeshift slide, for example. The vinyl coating means that your kids will be able to easily glide down the slide, having a lot of fun in this process. To learn more about big foam blocks, visit a children's store.